When Kira just got home after hanging out with Rin, she heard a voice being sick from the cupboard. She asks "Aunt Jan, are you OK?" Fat Aunt Jan carried on being sick in the cupboard saying"Help me, call the ambulance!" But Kira got disturbed by a phone call by Robin, Kira's sister. Kira panicked to Robin that fat aunt Jan is being sick and that she is inside the cupboard. Kira was getting breathless hearing fat aunt Jan be sick, so Robin rushes home as fast as she could. Kira meanwhile spoke to the ambulance, but they hung up on her. Robin had finally arrived and got aunt Jan out of the cupboard. Fat Aunt Jan was covered in sick, and Robin knew why she was sick vomiting. Robin says "Aunt Jan, you were being sick vomiting because you were inside the cupboard literally, and you can't fit in the cupboard but you locked yourself in. Your belly is too fat to cope with it, so don't do it again."

Aunt Jan was sick when trying to get to the shower, Kira and Robin were grossed out