The film starts in Fat Aunt Jan's house, with Kira moaning to Robin. Kira whines to her saying 'Oh Robin, please let me see Akira, please im sick and tired of being in this house all of the time!' Kira stares at Robin with her eye pupils getting bigger showing emotion. Robin sighly responds 'Fine, just don't get into anything innapropriate' Kira walked out of the kitchen and zoomed into the living room full of excitement and told Fat Aunt Jan what she was going to do on her date with Akira. Fat Aunt Jan dropped her cigerette and said 'Huh? FINE, NOW GET OUT!' Fat Aunt Jan screached in anger. 

Fat Aunt Jan was always in this 'mood' and was always moaning at Robin. When Kira told Fat Aunt Jan what Robin said the night before, Aunt Jan yells 'ROBIN GET HERE NOW!' and shouts at her in anger. But Fat Aunt Jan got so angry she went to her bedroom and punched the wall and accidentally made her hand bleed by punching it so hard. She squealed, and Robin could hear her from down stairs and sighed. 

Whilst Kira was riding her bike around wuhu island in the evening to find Akira, halfway there she saw Rin and she was so pleased to see her and Rin was too and she hugged Kira with happiness. Rin asked Kira if she is looking for Akira, and Kira says she is and Rin told her he was over at the Swordplay Duel just leaving the audience after the duel had finished. She says 'Thanks Rin!' and zooms off to get him. 

Kira found him and they had their second kiss, and Akira says to Kira 'Oh, um....Kira, shall we go to my house?' Kira gets over excited this time and she wimps 'OH, OF COURSE OF COURSE!' so off they went. 

At the end of the short movie, Akira and Kira sit very closely on the sofa next to each other, with a drink of beer. They kissed all night watching TV and so in the morning, they were shattered. Lucía had court them asleep on the sofa that morning, and she laughed at Kira so hard she could hardly breath. Kira woke up and screamed, and rushed home to Robin and Fat Aunt Jan.