The Wuhu Island Movie 2 is based on all about after the first series. The first series is on mii wiki, if you wish to find the wuhu island movie 1, go on mii wiki and search the wuhu island movie. 

The wuhu island movie 2 is when Akira and Kira get married, and where Kira is always over excited. 


The Characters in the wuhu island movie 2 are: Kira, Robin, Fat Aunt Jan, Rin, Haru, Fumiko, Miyu, Abby, Anna, Lucía, Akira, Ilyena, Rachel, James, Emily, The Ambulance A+E, Nissa and Wizukiya.

Plans For The Movie:

The film starts in Fat Aunt Jan's house with Kira and Robin arguing about Kira's boyfriend Akira. Kira was determined to see him but Robin was too concerned about them being innapropriate with each other, so they start the arguing there. When Kira tells Fat Aunt Jan on Robin, Aunt Jan yells at Robin and then Aunt Jan gets so angry she runs upstairs with her cigerette and punches the wall until her hand bleeds. Kira rode her bike to find Akira but saw Rin on her way, and Rin hugged her with happiness, asking Kira if she was looking for Akira. Later that evening Akira and Kira are at Akira's house sitting so closely next to each other on the sofa, with beer watching TV. They fell asleep and the next morning, Their front door was wide open mysteriously, and Lucía caught Kira lying on Akira asleep. Lucía laughed at Kira so hard she could not breath. Kira had woke up whilst Akira was still snoring his head off, and was shocked and cried because of Lucía and ran back to Robin and Fat Aunt Jan's house. When Ilyena happily sits with Wizukiya and Nissa during lunch, she is bullied by Anna. Anna picks on Ilyena and wants to 'kill' her! Ilyena cried and stomped away, But luckily Wizukiya and Nissa cheered her up, and planned a revenge. Kira wants to have lunch with Rin, Haru, Fumiko, Miyu, Abby, Rachel and Emily, so she did. Emily was being disgusting for the very first time anyone knew, and she has grass in her sandwich! She says 'Yum Yum, I love sheep food!' Abby retched and went EW. 

That is PART 1 of The Wuhu Island Movie 2----- Part 2 coming soon!