Ilyena is a female mii who is friendly, shy and confident both at once, kind, sensitive, energetic, curious, hardworking, nice, admiring and very caring But can be fiery, rude, snappy, fearful and loud due to her ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) She has medium-longish dark reddish, mostly brown hair, pale skin, wears makeup, and blue eyes. She is sadly often bullied by Anna. She is friends with Wizukiya, Nissa, Annabel, Sally, Amber and Barbrie. Ilyena is similar to a girl in her class called Hazel. She is enemies with Anna, Rin, Kira, Haru, Fumiko, Miyu, Emily Wii sports, Abby, Robin, Fat Aunt Jan And Lucia. She's OK with Gabi because Gabi was once sent a nice reply to her in a site When Ilyena sent her a message

Ilyena birthday: August 5, 2000 (Age 16)

Height: 5' 5" (5 foot 5)

Nationally: British (England)

UviTheAmazingTuvi677 and UviTuvi2000 are her wikia accounts